The Walking Dead Stinks. There, I Said It.

I hate to say it but I carbo-loaded the whole series during the season five hiatus and even tho I’d never watched it before the series 5 premiere I am now stuck in the same purgatory as this author relates in the first paragraph.  I watch it because…  because… are there subliminals in there?  Why do I do it?  Hell, I fell asleep watching last Sunday’s episode.

I looked up the storyline arc for the comics in wikipedia the other day and realized they are almost slavishly following the overall story from that medium.  Now I understand the quote about them being able to go 12 seasons.  I also understand that it wasn’t just a promise — it’s a threat.

The show seems to be stuck on a never-ending cycle of blubbering exposition as characters die painfully slowly and without any sort of gravitas.  Either the character is a simpering fool or a sociopath.  They go in never-ending circles in a world where people never bathe but seem suspiciously clean anyways, where gasoline and cigarettes and bullets are always at hand but no one ever needs to find them.

I know I’ll be watching it again this Sunday but this has become as a bad a habit as the aforementioned smoking.

did quit smoking.  Will I be able to quit Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Stinks. There, I Said It.

Top Flight Tenure 2014-15

On the eve of the Pool v Gooners clash, I think it’s time I put up the old Top-Flight Tenure list — updated for the 14-15 Premier League season.

Original version is from the old Arsenal Mailing List.  Anorak time!

  Side                 Since
 Arsenal FC           1913-14
 Everton FC           1953-54
 Liverpool FC         1961-62
 Manchester Utd       1974-75
 Tottenham Hotspur    1977-78
 Aston Villa          1987-88
 Chelsea FC           1988-89
 Manchester City      2001-02
 Sunderland AFC       2006-07
 Stoke City           2007-08
 Newcastle Utd        2009-10
 West Bromwich Albion 2009-10
 Swansea City         2010-11
 Southampton FC       2012-13
 West Ham Utd         2012-13
 Hull City AFC        2013-14
 Crystal Palace FC    2013-14
 Leicester City       2014-15
 Burnley FC           2014-15
 Queens Park Rangers  2014-15
Top Flight Tenure 2014-15

Back on WordPress!!! God bless.

So as an interlude I’d like to announce my blog-gration from the moribund and (allegedly) soon-to-be-EOLed Blogger platform to good ol’ WordPress.

Although I’m a Google Apps user I realized the move made sense once I noticed that there had been three (!) Blogger “new feature” posts in their “Blogger Buzz” blog in the last 12 months — two of which promoted Google+ integration.

Not much of a pitch by Google to stick with it. It looks like Blogger has gone into the ol’ maintenance mode, soon to be axed in another accountant’s frenzy.

No worries. It feels good to be using WordPress again.

Back on WordPress!!! God bless.

No, foursquare! What have you done? AKA Mayorship RIP

A startup has a predictable life cycle and this holds as true now in the mobile era as it did in the “web 2.0″ era before it:

1) Initial rush of excitement
2) Meteoric growth
3) Plateauing

From here there are two paths:

4) Innovate incrementally towards success; Or
4) Innovate sporadically or radically towards failure.

I believe foursquare has chosen the second road.  Why?  In sum, they got rid of their stickiest feature:  MAYORSHIPS!

I downloaded the recent new versions of foursquare and swarm for my new iPhone after a six-month-ish hiatus.  Why were there two apps now I wondered?  I soon found out why — foursquare has devolved itself into a check-in app without a hook (mayorships), and a pseudo-yelp location-based service.

Now I ask you, with Yelp well-established: why would I care about using foursquare as well?

I used to be a slave to mayoring like so many others and the points boards were a useful incentive.  This was their strength because people gave them data slavishly for the silly rush of online competition.  They should’ve kept these features alive.  Instead they’ve “rebranded”, “repositioned” and rendered themselves irrelevant.

They’re not the first to “kill their golden goose”, nor will they be the last.

A darn shame regardless.
No, foursquare! What have you done? AKA Mayorship RIP

The Walking Dead — A Synopsis

Okay, so I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC with the recap episodes of the end of season four and all of season five.

In truth I had no initial interest in this show but having been an earlier fan of Breaking Bad and Mad Men and now having seen both of those shows stride into the sunset (along with my other Showtime fave of Californication), I was ripe for the test (read: television-viewing time vacated, with Gotham the only new “gimme”).

I did like the Atlanta-centeredness of it (I have family there) but outside of that I found the show less than compelling.  What is all of the fuss about, I wondered to no one whatsoever.

Determined to find out I recently did the ol’ binge-watch of the first several seasons on Netflix.  Now that I have just made it to S4E5 and thus nearly to where I started watching earlier this year I’ve come to one conclusion:

It’s all about The Governor.

I don’t know if it’s the actor himself (David Morrissey, who nicely surprised me as to being a Scouser due to his decent American accent) or if it’s the character itself, but without The Guv’nor, there doesn’t seem to be much of a show.

The first season stands on its own (and I was told it mostly closely mirrors the original comic) but S2 seems to get caught in exposition hell — too many meandering emotional scenes without any gravitas.  Moreover, snarling zombies hardly make much of a dramatic foil.  But not so with The Anti-Rick!

So, kudoes to Mr. Morrissey for having the best character worth being in the show.

Now I get why people got hooked on this series.

The Walking Dead — A Synopsis

Lessons Learned I

Whilst working in Japan my Japanese manager would translate the Japanese for me.

One time I asked him, “Arata-San—why are there so many words in the Japanese when there are so few in your translation?”

He said, “In English—you walk to the point.  In Japanese—you walk around the point.”

Lessons Learned I