Top Flight Tenure 2015-16

Hello!  An oldie-but-goodie updated for the current English Premier League season:

 Side                 Since
 Arsenal FC           1913-14
 Everton FC           1954-55
 Liverpool FC         1962-63
 Manchester Utd       1975-76
 Tottenham Hotspur    1978-79
 Aston Villa          1988-89
 Chelsea FC           1989-90
 Manchester City      2002-03
 Sunderland AFC       2007-08
 Stoke City           2008-09
 Newcastle Utd        2010-11
 West Bromwich Albion 2010-11
 Swansea City         2011-12
 Southampton FC       2012-13
 West Ham Utd         2012-13
 Crystal Palace FC    2013-14
 Leicester City       2014-15
 AFC Bournemouth      2015-16
 Watford FC           2015-16
 Norwich City         2015-16

Zero Emissions.

Just now I’m walking through a large parking lot in my town and I see a postman walking through the lot pushing some crates of mail in a shopping cart.

I say, “That’s some way to deliver the mail”, with a smile.

Without missing a beat he turns and says, “Zero emissions!” and continues onward.

Thoughts On The Republican Debate(s)

I have a few observations I’d like to share:

Little Debate

  1. I didn’t even realize Pataki was running!  Seems a sorry showing at this point and perhaps he should do the Perry “ex-big-state-governor-exeunt-left”.
  2. Graham looked sounded more and more progressively like Elmer Fudd but I think he actually has very sound positions.  It’s too bad his persona will never be useful enough to carry his message.
  3. Jindal is obviously loving “the best of the rest” as a label because — let’s face it — this is an exploratory campaign for him, a “first feint”.  For him, any press is good press.  I will admit that his rantings about immigration and “our country” and “God” sounded a little disingenuous but he has some peculiar shoals to navigate there which other candidates can more easily avoid so I imagine that his staff is — shall we say — “testing reactions”.
  4. Santorum sounded like a blowhard.  Case — i.e. campaign — closed.

Big Debate

N.B.:  I kind of drifted off during this one so I may not be full on here.

  1. Carly won this in a big way.  She’s obviously got a really good crew behind her because she simply took the high road — the banner moment was addressing Trump’s blatant sexism very slyly and indirectly which allowed Trump to simply walk into it again with the “she’s beautiful” comment.  I’m sure this doesn’t sound too evocative to most readers as even as I speak CNN is dwelling on this exchange but I’d like to propose a possibility: the Fiorina campaign has realized that it’s time to look towards the future and in a possible Clinton vs. Fiorina race she is not only creating a compelling narrative with “worked my way up from secretary [although I was educated in London and Ghana and daddy taught at U of T]” and “my [step-]daughter died of drugs [mostly alcohol apparently]” — so let’s fix [review] drug policy [legalize marijuana federally and tax it].”  Kudos to her and her staff, she came out of this looking good.  Also, I admit my [cynical] interpretation may be inaccurate but it’s my gut interpretation of that selfsame narrative.
  2. Carson came across as diffident and rational at the same time.  He has been described as “mild mannered” but I’d describe him more like “not comfortable in confrontational situations in front of a national television audience”.  Granted he has an appeal which is obviously founded on his authentic religiosity but beyond that I find it impossible to read him.  It’s obvious he is a serious candidate as he has been building his national profile to this point for a few years and the polls bear this out but outside of looking at his candidacy as a fox and hare metaphor I can’t really provide any compelling analysis.
  3. Rubio kept invoking the Ghost of Reagan — unironically.  For some of us Reagan is inexorably linked with Ollie North and Iran Contra and Nancy’s astronomer but I guess we aren’t his “base”.  In either case if I wanted to elect Reagan I’d elect…
  4. Jeb Bush.  He spoke a lot without saying too much.  It was interesting how he had his “I didn’t inhale”-type speech with the more au courant “I used to smoke pot” motif.  Of course that just left him open for another jab from Trump — which would’ve been best followed up with “how do you know it’s more powerful now?” —but Bush just has to stick around since he will be there until at least late in the primaries — let’s face it.
  5. Chris Christie looked alright but his attempts to condemn Hilary’s “EmailServerGate” poise seemed fairly hypocritical what with “GWBGate” on his side.  Still I would put even money on his gaining a few points based upon his performance.  In any case, peeling his onion will make your eyes cry.  He won’t go the distance.
  6. Scott Walker — if not for the Koch Brothers he’d already be gone.  He should do everyone a favor and exeunt left himself but he’s likely to linger for a while longer.
  7. Rand Paul — minimal impact, minimal damage.  Next.  To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen:  “I knew Ron Paul, Rand — and you are no Ron Paul.”
  8. Mike Huckabee and John Kasich — I include them together in an honorary “rest of the best” item.  Kasich should do a Perry and Huckabee has been outflanked by Carson as “Mister Christian” already so I’d throw it in if I were him too.

Now that I’ve generated some heat let’s see some flame-wars! :-D

Is It Wrong to Give Your Kid an Extraordinary Name?

As my first name is “Kreig” I have always had mixed feelings on this subject.

Painting On Scars

Hello My Name Is... (Image by Alan O’Rourke of used under CC licensevia)

Every coupled friend I have here in Germany is, as of this year, a parent. And looking upon the names bestowed upon the new generation, I must say I like them all. Or at least, I don’t hate any of them. This is impressive when considering that, if my partner and I ever want to get into a fight, we simply start discussing names we would hypothetically pick for a child. Just give us five minutes and soon we’ll be shouting, “Bo-ring!” “Flaky!” “Hideous!”

And then we run up against the unanswerable question: Is it harder to have a mundane (a.k.a. boring) name or an unusual (a.k.a. weird) name?

While I enjoy the sound of my own name—as many if not most people do—I haven’t enjoyed seeing Emily end up in the top ten of the most popular…

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